Unbound Houston is partnering with teachers across Texas to provide a free human trafficking curriculum for middle and high school students. This five part video series and accompanying activities equip youth to recognize and avoid potential exploitation and empower them to make a positive difference in their communities. We at Unbound Houston honor and commend you as an educator. We know your role is essential, your impact deep and your responsibilities seemingly endless. We recognize that you have countless subjects to cover with your students but one objective precedes all the rest- their safety. “Sentinels” is designed to empower you to educate your students about human trafficking and equip them to more safely navigate this world and the potential dangers it holds.

  • What is "Sentinels?" "Sentinels" is a sex trafficking prevention curriculum comprised of five videos and accompanying activities designed to equip youth to recognize and avoid potential exploitation and empower them to make a positive difference in their communities.

  • Who is "Sentinels" for? "Sentinels" was created to be used by teachers with their middle school or high school students.

  • How can I get "Sentinels" in my classroom? Click “Request Access” above to complete the application. You will be contacted with next steps!

  • How much does "Sentinels" cost? "Sentinels" is free for use by public and private school teachers across Texas!

  • What will students learn? Through the “Sentinels” videos, students will learn the definition of trafficking, how to identify traffickers’ recruiting and control tactics, the role of demand in fueling human trafficking, how to stay safe and how to watch out for their peers.

  • Why should I use "Sentinels? Highlighting empowerment and hope rather than fear, "Sentinels" includes vital information students need to know in order to stay safe. The videos include special interviews featuring an Unbound Survivor Advocate, a law enforcement officer, educators, a survivor of sex trafficking, a victim’s mother and a group of high school students.

  • Why should I address human trafficking in my classroom? Students from every corner of the state and from every walk of life are vulnerable to trafficking. Social media allows recruiters and traffickers to gain unprecedented access to our young people, beguiling them with promises of love or opportunities only to exploit them for their own profit. Though students are the most vulnerable, they are also our greatest allies, the real powerhouses in the fight against trafficking. A generation of informed, empowered students can not only stay safe - they can change the world.

Course curriculum

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    1. Welcome to Sentinels

    2. Before You Begin

    3. Ready to Start?

    1. Pre-Sentinels Youth Survey

    2. Episode 1: Define

    3. Episode Data

    4. Episode 2: Reveal

    5. Episode Data

    6. Episode 3: Expose

    7. Episode Data

    8. Episode 4: Empower

    9. Episode Data

    10. Episode 5: Engage

    11. Post-Sentinels Student Survey

    12. Episode Data

    13. Resources

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